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Congrats Grade 8s!

The link to the video from last night's Grade 8 Drive-thru Celebration has been sent to all grade 8 students' school emails as well as to their first emergency contacts' emails. Feel free to share the link with family or friends who want to share in the moment!
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Link to DCVI's 2019-20 Virtual Athletic Awards Ceremony!

Click above to find DCVI's 2019-20 Virtual Athletic Social (this has also been emailed to students' school emails as well as 1st emergency contact emails). As it is an hour long, so please take 5 minutes to prepare a snack for everyone you are sitting with before you begin to watch it.
Also, because everyone will not be able to watch this at the same time, please consider sending congratulations to friends TOMORROW, so as not to spoil their surprise.
We, the coaches and staff at DCVI, miss you all. Enjoy the presentation!
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DCVI has a new Instagram account!

Hello Salukis!
DCVI has changed to a new Instagram account: @smdcvi ! Make sure to follow us as in the coming weeks there is going to be some exciting contests and challenges for students posted on Instagram!
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Message for Secondary Salukis!

Please make sure to check your school email (and/or have your first emergency contact check theirs) for information from Student Services about Summer School for this year and Dual Credit and on-line courses for next year!
As always, all students in all grades should check their school email accounts on a regular basis (especially now that we are 'socially distant')!
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